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Company Formation Comparison: Hong Kong vs. Belize

Updated on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Hong-Kong-vs-Belize.jpgHong Kong and Belize are two jurisdictions that offer a very attractive taxation regime and a simplified incorporation procedure. They are both chosen by investors who wish to open an offshore company and while they share a set of similarities, their differences define them as offshore jurisdictions. 
This article serves as a short company formation comparison between Hong Kong and Belize. our agents can help investors with details answers to their questions about how to open a company in Hong Kong.

Main advantages for investors in Hong Kong and Belize

The list below presents some of the most important topics that are generally discussed when comparing two offshore locations:
  1. Taxation: both Hong Kong and Belize have attractive taxation regimes with Belize imposing no tax on corporate profits and Hong Kong imposing taxes only on Hong Kong-derived income.
  2. Incorporation: company formation in Hong Kong is a simple procedure that involves a few steps and so is the one in Belize.
  3. Public disclosure: in Hong Kong, it is necessary to disclose the names of the company directors and shareholders while in Belize this is not applicable.
  4. Accounting: Belize has no requirements for companies to submit annual accounts while in Hong Kong companies must comply with the accounting requirements.
Investors who open a company in Hong Kong have an important advantage: they are located close to Mainland China but enjoy a low taxation regime and a welcoming business climate, suitable for many types of business activities.

Issues to consider for Hong Kong company formation

Hong Kong is a financial center in Asia and one that offers an attractive taxation regime, good location near China and easy company formation. However, its confidentiality policies are not similar to those commonly found in the tax havens like Belize, BVI, the Cayman Islands, and other locations.
One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Hong Kong can give you detailed information about the requirements to submit adequate information with the Companies Registry and to update the company owner’s details. Moreover, we can give you more details about increasing the overall investor privacy by using nominee director services.
Contact us for complete information about how to open a company in Hong Kong.

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