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Company Formation Comparison: Hong Kong vs. BVI

Updated on Tuesday 04th September 2018

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Hong-Kong-vs-BVI.jpgInvestors choose to open a company in Hong Kong because of the location advantages, along with the general conditions for doing business and the ease of setting up a company. This location is not a traditional tax haven or offshore jurisdiction, however, the Special Administrative Region does offer a set of important tax advantages.
Company formation in Hong Kong versus BVI can be summarized in a number of key traits and our agents compare these in this article.

A basic comparison between Hong Kong and BVI

Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands share a number of characteristics, most of which are essential for investors choosing where to base their offshore company. The table below illustrates some of the key features entrepreneurs should keep in mind when choosing to open a Hong Kong company or one in BVI.
Trait Hong Kong BVI
Economic and political stability Hong Kong has a legal system based on the British one and offers both economic and political stability for investors The British Virgin Islands offer a convenient environment for doing business
Type of company The limited liability company is successfully used by many investors in Hong Kong The BC is the type of company commonly used by investors in BVI
Ease of incorporation Hong Kong company registration is a procedure that involves only a few steps and a number of mandatory documents and information about the founders Minimum requirements for registration and disclosure that can also be accomplished remotely
Tax Hong Kong has a very advantageous taxation regime, with a policy for no income if it is derived outside of the city The BVI is an offshore center in the true sense of the word, with no tax on company profits
Minimum number of founders The Hong Kong LLC is incorporated by one director and one shareholder The BVI company is founded with one director and one shareholder

Hong Kong company formation

Our team who specializes in the procedure needed to open a company in Hong Kong can provide adequate assistance to all investors and can help you start your business.
Hong Kong has many advantages in terms of its location in Asia, the taxation regime, the low capital requirements. 
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