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Company Formation Comparison: Hong Kong vs.Seychelles

Updated on Saturday 27th October 2018

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Company-Formation-Comparison-Hong-Kong-vs-Seychelles.jpgSeychelles is one of the key offshore jurisdictions in the world, along with other locations like Belize or the British Virgin Islands. Hong Kong is also a popular location to base an offshore company and although it cannot be referred to as a tax haven in the traditional sense, it does provide a very advantageous taxation regime as well as a welcoming business climate.
Our team of agents who specialize in aiding clients open a company in Hong Kong present a company formation comparison between Seychelles and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and Seychelles compared

The table below highlights the main characteristics of both jurisdictions.
Trait Hong Kong Seychelles
Type of Company In Hong Kong, the most commonly used business form is the private limited liability company. In Seychelles, the International Business Company is used by investors who wish to start an offshore business.
Taxation In Hong Kong, foreign profits are not taxed; only the Hong Kong-sourced profits. Seychelles imposes no tax on company profits.
Directors, Shareholders The requirements for company registration in Hong Kong state that an LLC must have at least one director and one shareholder. In Seychelles, the company is incorporated with one director and one shareholder.
Public disclosure Hong Kong requires that companies disclose the identities of their shareholders and directors. There is no need for public shareholder and director disclosure. 

Hong Kong company formation

Hong Kong has different requirements for public disclosure and for accounts submissions, however, it is a jurisdiction that remains popular for investors willing to open an offshore company in Asia. The entire company registration procedure is a quick one, performed with the Company Registry. The fact that is has a low taxation regime and that it is located close to Mainland China remain two main advantages.
While they are similar in many respects, Hong Kong are Seychelles are two different jurisdictions and it is advisable to seek counseling as needed before opening a company. Our team of Hong Kong company formation agents can give you complete information about investing in Hong Kong and the conditions for offshore companies.

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