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How to Make Changes to Your Hong Kong Company

Updated on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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How-to-Make-Changes-to-Your-Hong-Kong-Company.jpgIt is often necessary during the life of a business entity to make one or more changes to the business registration details. These can concern various issues, from changing the company name to the business address and, quite possibly, shareholders and directors.
This guide on how to make changes to your Hong Kong company covers the main types of modifications that may be necessary once the business evolves or reinvents itself. 
Our team of Hong Kong company formation agents also specializes in business registration changes and can help all investors interested in making these important modifications.

Types of changes to the business registration details

The list below represents some of the typical changes that can occur after investors open a company in Hong Kong:
  • - Business name change: a newly adopted business name should be notified within one month of the change; the notification will include the old and new name and it is submitted to Companies Registry together with a special form.
  • - Business address change: the time limit for this notification is also one month from the actual address change; the notification will also include the business particulars, such as its name, registration number and the old address.
  • - Business activity change: this can be notified via a special form, duly filled in with the desired changes of activity; 
  • - Partner retirement notification: it is mandatory to notify the Companies Registry when a company partner retires or when new partners are added; for new ones, the form will be accompanied by copies of the identity cards or passports.
For company name changes, the name of the company must be an original one and must comply with the regulations for company name registration. It can either be in Roman script or in Chinese and our tool for company name availability can be of use to investors who are considering to change an existing name and wish to see if the new name is available.
A simplified one-stop shop for company address changes in Hong Kong is available in electronic form. This means that entrepreneurs can change the registered office and the business address at the same time. When operating through the electronic portal, individuals may submit a request for the Companies Registry to notify the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of the said changes. This way, the IRD will be able to send the amended Business Registration Certificate by post, as soon as the form for the changes has been recorded in the Companies Registry database. The Business Registration Certificate with the necessary address amendments can also be requested when the company receives the Notice of Collection of Certificates issued by the Company Registry. In this case, it will be collected in person, from the Business Registration Office.

Additional information on company changes notifications

Please keep in mind that the company would have already submitted its initial details when the first registration with the Companies Registry took place. All of these modifications must be notified and proceeded upon because the Companies Law specifically states that they must be duly notified and recorded. Failure to comply with the one-month notification term for the changes described above results in fines of 5,000 $ and, in some cases, imprisonment of 1 year.
Changing the company details is simplified in Hong Kong. For example, those who change the company name and the registered office address are not required to make two notifications, one to the Companies Registry and one to the Commissioner’s Office. It is enough to record the change with the Registrar, and then these will be forwarded as needed. This provision is stipulated in the Companies Ordinance and one of our experts in company formation in Hong Kong can give you more details about the relevant laws. Investors should keep in mind that this is only available for those notifications regarding a change made to business particulars and not for the commencement of business. In this initial case, the Commissioner is to be notified in writing of the business particulars. 
It is important to keep the company details up to date. This is why our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Hong Kong offers not only incorporation packages but also business registration modification services. When you work with our team, one of our agents who knows the procedure will be able to handle the matters on your behalf so that you can continue to handle the daily business matters.
For more information about how our team can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide complete services for company formation in Hong Kong as well as services for changing company particulars.

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